The Foibles of Cats!

Humans and us cats! Oh, how you love us felines. We're the center of attention. We eat, clean ourselves, then bounce off the walls, around the furniture, through the doors, and over your plants, as if we were chasing a fly. We stop suddenly and burp victoriously! We hate every other creature that may steal our attention, especially dogs. So, we flip cat litter all over the place, claw up your carpet and rugs, scratch up the sofa and your favorite chair!!

We lounge around where you'll trip over us. It's hilarious seeing how poor your balance really is!! We love getting hopped up on all that catnip you buy and grow for us. Eating from the dog's food bowl is extra fun when you yell at the dog for chasing us away from it. We sleep all the time, purr in the morning, and scratch our humans for not feeding us on time. It's especially fun to run between their legs and watch them trip while they're getting our food. Humans are the best slaves! They clean up every little mess we make and boy, have we got them trained!!

We love to play when you're trying to sleep; act like we're being terrorized by a monster only we can see, totally freaking our humans out because it's really funny watching them stumble around at night trying to figure out what the hell we're chasing! And don't get me started on balls of yarn, especially wool!!! We love spreading at least 5 balls of yarn around the house and sitting on your best chair, waiting for you to come through the door! You humans seem to be so unable to think like us. It's funny watching you trip and stumble through weavings we've made with your wool!!