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A place where you can read about cooking and eating!

Do you like or even LOVE talking about or reading about cooking and eating?? I will periodically share recipes, tips, and cooking stories here!

This is my awesome recipe for Baked French Toast with Apples & Cranberries! This recipe requires about 1/2 hour prep time the night before and an hour and a half in the morning (Think late breakfast or brunch!)

Here's a webpage with the recipe for a very flavorful and aromatic Anisette from one of my favorite chefs! Anisette Recipe | Martha Stewart

Here is the recipe for one of my favorite dinner dishs: Fried Cabbage with Bacon!

Do you like eating sticky, gooey, rolls for breakfast or dessert?? Here's the recipe for my: Sticky Buns!


What if I told you that web page devs can view their webpages through the eyes of a person with cognitive disabilities, dyslexia, motor skills disabilities, or vision impairment? Well, you can do all of that with this webpage, Funkify Simulators!

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