Welcome to Trees of Diversity®

This is where you'll learn about the process of creating my 3-D tree sculptures.

I began creating tree sculptures in 2008 because I love trees! Each tree is created from found items, recycled items and objects, handspun/handdyed yarn, and various types of scrap metal I've acquired over the years. I've always enjoyed being able to rummage in scrap yards (Alter Metals being one) to select items I want recycled into my trees.

My trees have been shown at Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ in 2012; Angel Orensanz Gallery, New York City in 2013; Altered Esthetics Gallery, Minneapolis in fall of 2015; and Hazelwood House, Green Bay in summer of 2016.

Click the photo below, to view a slideshow of the first tree I created: "Autumn"!

A closeup of the Autumn tree process

Click the photo below, to view a slideshow of: "Cotton Candy? Yes, Please!"This was finished in time for listing in the Xanadu Art Gallery catalog. During the creativity process I sometimes let other things get in the way and they take longer to complete. It's made of recycled mahoghany base, found drift wood, stones, recycled brass wire, repurposed sheet brass for the leaves, glass lady bugs, hand dyed seashells, and handspun wool/silk yarn in the form of knit leaves.

third view of the Cotton Candy tree