About The Fiber Odyssey

tablet weaving or card weaving in burnt orange and light orange rams horn pattern

Hand Processed Fiber, Handmade Goods About Our Shop

I've been in the fiber business for over 45 years. If my Nana was alive, she'd tell you I've been in the fiber business since I was born! I totally love the processing, dyeing, and spinning the fiber. Some of the fiber I work with include, llama, alpaca, chiengora, silk, cotton, soy silk, etc.; into yarn, roving, hand knits, handwovens, crocheted lace is just some of the work I do. Most of the wool is acquired from local sheep growers which is washed, carded, spun into yarn, and dyed!!
I weave, knit, crochet, create spindles for spinning; lucets for braiding, and sew all sorts of handmade items. I also love and enjoy creating mixed media tree sculptures and over the years it led to Trees of Diversity® being trademarked in Wisconsin!

I guarantee you'll want to spin our fibers. Schedule an appointment just to visit or to enjoy some spinning time.